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Commercial Craft


Powered catamarans have a long and proud history of making more economical and profitable commercial boats. From fishing charters to whale watching, diving and shark cage diving vessels, cats perform and save you money. Since 1957 – and especially in the last 15 years, when the commercial boating industry really took off in SA – cat ski boats have provided countless commercial-use boats that have enabled companies and organisations, large and small, to do more cost-effective and profitable business.

Because cats are foam-filled, giving you more displacement and buoyancy, and are made according to a finely-tuned inhouse design formula, they offer superior safety and sea-keeping abilities, as well as more load capacity for their size. In short, you can load more people and equipment even on a smaller-sized catamaran and run it on more economical engines than you can any other boat its size. Less cost, more performance and safety.

Discover the little-big performing CarryCat 670, the more spacious fisher CarryCat 740 and the bigger-build and very efficient CarryCat 760. Our boats are also ideal for whale watching, which is why we’re glad to be a part of the Port Elizabeth Whale Festival.

CarryCat 760 New 7 metre Ski Boat For Sale by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Powered cats can still perform even if they’re laden with weight out at sea. And how. Because of their design, you can run a larger boat with much lower horsepower engines than you would need for any comparable boat its size. And that’s without compromising performance: Nauti-Tech Suzuki has spent countless hours at sea with commercial operators, testing and fine-tuning our technology to ensure we help create commercial boats that are forgiving, safe and powerful enough to get you and your customers out faster and back home efficiently if the weather picks up.

What’s more, Nauti-Tech Suzuki combines the unique qualities of each cat with the world’s most economical engines from Suzuki. Where you’d normally need at least 400Hp engines, usually massive gas-guzzling V8s, too, to run a commercial boat over 40 foot, you can now install Suzuki’s award-winning 300Hp engines and get the same performance (and use a lot less fuel).


We accommodate operations of any size, too. Perhaps all you need is economical engines for your small boat. We’ll help you get that #SuzukiPower like we’ve done for many smaller concerns. Our friends at ProDive in Port Elizabeth, for example:

See our range of Suzuki outboards

But for the full experience, you’re going to want to ask about our new boats.


Got a commercial boating need or query, you can confidently ask Nauti-Tech Suzuki.