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Big News! We are now able to assist you in getting your new or used boat, outboard or jetski financed through Wesbank – just ask about our all-new boat finance options!

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Suzuki Marine

Nauti-Tech Suzuki is a proud and award-winning Suzuki Marine retailer, fitment- and service centre. Our technicians get flown all around the country (and sometimes the world) to do work for our clients.

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All the latest
Fishing and
boating news

From complete lists of all fishing competitions in SA (and some international) to insights in fishing and boating, our news section is there to empower you.

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Certified Fitters
Superior Tech

Go beyond just having the best systems – why not employ a sophisticated autopilot on your boat? Or learn to steer your craft with a high-tech wristwatch. There are no limits.

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Nauti-Tech Suzuki is an award-winning Suzuki Marine SA retailer, fitment and service centre located in Port Elizabeth (the official Suzuki Marine agent in PE) as well as a supplier of all new boating tech and superior new boats.

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Chase your


Our reputation precedes us: Nauti-Tech Suzuki powers, repowers and refurbs all types of fishing boats, plus: We help you purchase your ideal new fresh- or saltwater fishing craft.

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Just in it for the fun? We'll power or refurb leisure boats, including expert fitment and service, plus: We'll help you find your ideal new boat, too.

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Proudly employed by numerous businesses to power, repower and maintain commercial craft, we can help you achieve the perfect balance between power, stability and fuel economy – so you can run more profitably and safely.

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Scientific and
speciality vessels

Nauti-Tech Suzuki is a registered supplier to the South African Environmental Observation Network and the United Nations. We know our speciality craft.

Superior speciality vessels


Suzuki Marine is a leader in marine engines, constantly innovating and producing award-winning tech. That’s why we are an official Suzuki Marine dealer.

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Fitment, tech support,
service & repair

As an all-in-one fitment centre, complete with inhouse stainless-steel works, Nauti-Tech Suzuki can fit and repair tech, systems and electronics on any and all makes of boat.

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Boating and Fishing News

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