Authorised Suzuki Sales, Fitment & Service Centre

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We Now Service & Repair All Outboard Brands and Jetskis at Our Marine Workshop

2 Qualified Suzuki technicians, 2 Evenrude, 1 Honda, 1 Mercury and 1 certified Yamaha. Our marine workshop can service, repair, maintain, install and diagnose all brands of outboards.  Plus: We even have 2 jetski technicians standing by to help get you on the water again

NOTE: We’re certified to do emergency boat repairs during lockdown. Plus: Here’s what you should know about boating and where to buy skis, tubes, towables and other awesome new water toys in Port Elizabeth.

What does it take to become Suzuki Marine’s 2017 Customer Service Excellence award winner? Equal parts dedication, experience, skill, offering great value, a full suite of boating technology services and craftsmanship that’s visibly and tangibly superior.

At Nauti-Tech Suzuki, you benefit from our collective experience of over 300 years in boat manufacturing, fitment, repair and maintenance. And we might be an authorized Suzuki Marine sales, service and fitment centre, but also have a range of technicians that can also fit, service and maintain every outboard brand: from Suzuki to Yamaha, Mercury, Honda to Evenrude. Plus: We have 2 qualified jetski technicians, too.

But don’t take our word for it. See our range of services below and come and visit us at our workshop in Brickmakers Kloof Road in Port Elizabeth, to see for yourself.

Nauti-tech Suzuki Workshop Services


New Boats, new installations and outboards

Nauti-Tech Suzuki can help you source the best and latest Cat ski-boats, cabin cruisers, mono-hulls and even part barges or bass boats. We’ll help you get a fully customisable new boat installed using the latest technology and techniques.

See what you need to know when buying a boat.

See our range of new boats

See our range of Suzuki motors

Motor repairs, services and support

We are an authorised Suzuki Marine sales, service and fitment centre, the official Suzuki dealer in Port Elizabeth. We supply and install new motors as well as provide all after-sales support and we repair and service any motors, whether you bought it from us or not, even outboards and motors that are not made by Suzuki.

But, specifically in our workshop, we also have 2 Evenrude, 1 Mercury, 1 Honda, a Yamaha and 2 jetski qualified technicians.

So, no matter your marine motor query or concern, or what make engine you have installed, Nauti-Tech Suzuki will assist you and get you back up and running again.

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Reinstallations & Boat Refurbishment

Not all boatbuilders and installers are equal. Trust us, we know. Nauti-Tech Suzuki has a very thorough, internal, structured method of installing and testing all systems, electronics, pumps, equipment etc. that’s certified by the manufacturer of each product on our boats, that’s why we can assure the quality of our work.

And even if you’ve had your boat installed elsewhere and are not happy with the quality and safety standards of the work, we’ll gladly review, test and reinstall it properly for you.

We also do exceptional refurbishment on boats. Check out the refurb work we did on 4.8-metre powered cat Line-Breaker. And, see all our awesome recent boat repowers.

See our boating tech offering

Mobile and technical support

We provide support wherever you are. Our technicians can travel all over the country, and quite often they travel internationally because our clients know and trust our workmanship and insist on it anywhere they go, to provide you with technical support. From repairs and services to fault-finding, assessments and reinstallation support, we’re happy to assist.

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Boat Maintenance

Your engines and craft need to be serviced every 1 000km or at least once a year. This is as much for your safety and the continued enjoyment of the high performance and fuel efficiency of your boat as it is to keep the warranties on your equipment in place. Your Suzuki motors come standard with a 3-year warranty and all our new boats come with a 12-month warranty that covers all workmanship and defects.

Contact us to book your service

All parts and hardware

Nauti-Tech Suzuki is an official Suzuki sales, service and fitment centre in the Eastern Cape. We’re also the only certified supplier of Garmin equipment in Port Elizabeth and we are manufacturer-certified installers and suppliers of all quality boating tech, equipment and accessories, from NMEA 2000 interface networks to steering, electronics, pumps, autopilots, radars, fish finders, communication systems, cameras and even marine audio and more.

You’ll find all the spares and parts you’re looking for at our workshop in Brickmakers Kloof Road in Port Elizabeth if you’re in the area. Otherwise, contact us for remote assistance.

Did you know we are the new dealer for Garmin Marine in Port Elizabeth.

See our boating tech offering

See our Suzuki marine outboards

Stainless-steel works

We do all our own stainless-steel works in-house, so we can guarantee the quality and installation and back it up with a 12-month warranty on all workmanship and defects. From trims and finishes to fishing equipment and gear, if it’s stainless steel we design, craft and install it all under one roof in our workshop.

Contact us for stainless steel work

All fishing equipment and gear

From outriggers to rod holders, fish finders to bait stations, fighting chars to luna tubes, we produce built-in fishing equipment in-house, through our fully customisable new boat installations, reinstallations and in-house stainless-steel works. And we supply and install those pieces of gear that are built by trusted external brands such as Garmin (we are the only certified Garmin supplier in PE). We are certified by all the manufacturers whose equipment we supply. Our boats are built by fishermen, for fishermen, after all.

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See our new boats

Cosmetic and auxiliary services

Nauti-Tech Suzuki builds new boats from scratch, so naturally, we assist with everything related to boating, from the ground up. You can talk to us about boat covers, engine covers, decals, boat valets, custom upholstery, custom stainless steel work, new trailers, custom trailers and trailer maintenance, ski-boat seaworthiness and any boating need you have, including respray and antifouling. We’ll gladly make it happen.

Contact us with any boating query or need

Plus: Did you know you can now buy all your boating gear online?