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Newly Repowered: Check Out The New Outboards We Fitted to These Boats

All our real and recent boat repowers (WATCH). Plus: Repower options, the boat repower calculator, what repowering a boat means and how to calculate your engine replacement cost

15 June 2019

What does it mean to repower your boat? Well, it’s basically putting new engines on, usually with more power and smarter tech. Fitting new outboards is one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your boat more speed, performance, power and lower fuel costs. And there are loads of awesome options when it comes to a boat repower.

A repower is as easy as taking a look at the available outboards and then speaking to our sales guys and technicians in our Suzuki workshop, deciding on the repower option that’s best for your boat and your budget, and then booking your slot to have the new motors fitted. They’re brand new, fully tested, fitted and certified, plus you get a new warranty on the new outboards too.

Repowering your boats is probably one of the most satisfying ways to increase power on your boat without breaking the bank. See what the owners of these recently repowered boats have to say:




More responsive, fuel savvy and a smoother ride. WATCH here:

New Suzuki DF100s on Ace Cat 555

Super stable steering. Lightest in its class. And so much more oomph. Check out the twin DF100s we fitted to Charles Wright's 5.5m Ace Cat. Now you're gonna do a lot of lekker deeper fishing, Charles and family! We'll show you more on this project soon. #GetNautiIn the meantime, discover the Suzuki DF100 here:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 2 September 2019

“You have to love the performance on these Suzuki four strokes, they’ve just got a bit more grunt in them. We took Jubal with the new motors out for the first time last Saturday and, boy, do they run well. I had to keep playing on that edge between too much and just having fun out on the water,” says Charles Wright, owner of the recently repowered Jubal.

5.5-Metre Ace Cat | Prev: 90hp 2 strokes | Repowered: 2 x New Suzuki DF100



Better performance for less fuel, more torque and superior after-sales service that seals the deal. WATCH:

Repower: DF80s on a 5-metre powered cat

Instant acceleration and a finely tuned gear ratio. Doing a PDI on two new Suzuki DF80s on a 5.7-metre powered cat that loves going after tuna. Get the full sotry on the repower here: #GetNauti

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Thursday, 6 June 2019

“I had two Suzuki 70s on before, and of course they were great motors, but you can feel the difference with the new Suzuki DF80s. I can now run at 1000rpm and get to the same speed I’d normally have to up to higher revs for. It definitely uses less fuel now, and the power configuration is just ideal for my boat,” says Emile Coetzee, owner of newly repowered Zee Koets.

zee koets, boat, repower, outboard, new. suzuki, df805-Metre Powered Cat | Prev: Suzuki DF70 | Repowered: 2 x New Suzuki DF80



More power, less fuel and greatly improved functionality on this incredibly hard-working 13-metre marine research vessel. WATCH:

The best things come in twos. Dual louvre, dual prop, dual injection and the efficiency of a 300hp packed into the power of a 325. Check out the two DF325s we fitted to a 13-metre powered cat research vessel for the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Makhanda, Eastern Cape recently. Read all about it here: Plus: More on the Suzuki DF325 here: #GetNauti

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Thursday, 23 May 2019

“The new outboards are just awesome, the boat’s got more life now, so much more oomph. We used to have 300hp motors on, and getting the new Suzuki DF325s, well, that’s definitely a step up. It’s like the boat’s just come to life. That dual prop and better systems just mean she has more power now,” says Koos Smith, skipper of the newly repowered uKwabelana.

ukwabelana, boat, repower, research, vessel, saiab, suzuki, df325

13-Metre Powered Cat | Prev: 300hp outboards | Repower: 2 x New Suzuki DF325




Well, you can start by checking out the available outboards. And then it’s always good to chat with sales guys and technicians because you want to be sure that you select the right outboards for your repower. You want to take your boat’s size and max engine weight into consideration, to be sure you select the right option. And then also ensure the steering and all systems are compatible. For the best advice, contact Nauti-Tech Suzuki here.

boat, repower, outboards, suzuki, workshop, cost, calculate, best outboard


To get a general idea of how much power you need for your boat repower, you can use your boat’s weight as a guide. Convert your boat’s weigh into pounds, so a 2.2-ton boat becomes a 5000 pound. Normally, for a fairly average performing boat, you need about one horsepower (hp) minimum for every 25–40 pounds of weight (the range is wide because of all the different types and brands of boats you get).

If you take 5000 and divide it by 200, you get 25 pounds per horsepower. And, 5000 divided by 125 is 40. So you can get away with 125hp–200hp on that boat. But the lower that number is, the better your boat will perform. Try dividing 5000 by 300 and you’ll get 16.6, which is starting to become nice and fast. Divide it by 400 and you’re building a boat you’re gonna love.

repower, boat, outboard, calculator, how much power, your boat, needs, power to weight, ratio

Now, if you’re fitting two engines, remember that you’ll divide that horsepower by two. So, our super 400hp becomes two 200hp outboards. And then it becomes important to keep each individual outboard’s weight in mind. The two outboards together shouldn’t weigh more than your boat manufacturer’s max spec for your boat, so you’ll have to play with different configurations until you find the one that gives you the best power-to-weight ratio and works for your pocket. Fortunately, the technicians in our workshop will help you determine your best options.

Get the inside track on how to choose an outboard for your boat.


With outboard motors, it’s fairly simple. Your costs are the price of the new outboard(s), plus labour, fitment and testing. Now, it’s important to take into account the systems and steering, because those need to be compatible, otherwise, they’ll need to be replaced, which can add to the costs.

repower, boat, outboard, costs, calculate, engine, motor, suzuki, replace


Now, we’re not going to tell you Suzuki is the best. Make up your mind for yourself: Suzuki is the most awarded outboards manufacturer in the world, having won 8 National Marine Manufacturers Awards (NMMA) for Innovation since 2003, plus two more awards in the 1990s. Check out the list of Suzuki awards.

Suzuki is currently the best-selling outboard in South Africa. Perhaps because we offer great value for money, excellent after-sales service, advanced tech like Suzuki Lean Burn that boosts your boat fuel economy and performance, and every Suzuki outboard also doubles as a trolling motor.

suzuki, outboards, repower, boat, engines, motors

But, when it comes to repowering your boat, it’s all about what really works for you.


Check out our Suzuki outboards and enquire about boat repowers.

Did you know we also do complete boat refurbs? Check out the before and after on Line-Breaker. And you can also browse pre-owned boats, outboards and accessories among our used boats.

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And, it’s official: See why Suzuki is the No 1 Best-Selling Outboard.

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We’ve just launched Jan Hendrik Hattingh’s new CarryCat 900, the Carry On 2.

carry, cat, carrycat, 900, carry on, new, boat, 900, jan, hendrik, hattingh, kalahari, 9 metre, fishing, tuna, custom, built, suzuki, df250

Plus: What happens when you fit two 140s on a 6.7-metre boat specced for max 115? Find out with recently launched brand-new boat Seadation.

Also check out Robin Vermaak’s all-new CarryCat 760 game fisher, Piromero.

carrycat, 760, carry, cat, fishing, boat, for sale, 7 metre, custom, built, new, cabin, centre, console, features, optional, extras, buy, purchase

Plus: See all our custom-built new boats and all our favourite new launches under our full collective post on our boats.

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Legend also has it that CarryCats and every other boat runs better under Suzuki power. Discover it for yourself among these Suzuki outboards.

Suzuki Lean Burn Control System, Fuel Economy Outboard Technology by Nauti-tech Suzuki


Legend has it that it’s more fun fishing in a CarryCat. So tell your friends who might not know yet to check out the little-big CarryCat 670, the next-level CarryCat 740 and the all-round great fisher CarryCat 760.

CarryCat 740 New 7 metre Ski Boat For Sale by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

Discover more specs, options and configurations for bass boats, riverboats and ski boats under our section on new boats.


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