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Newly Refurbished: Check Out the New-Look Line-Breaker

Like new: Now Line-Breaker turns on a dime and sports all-new modern finish after full boat refurbishment. Plus: Why it was worthwhile doing the refurb in PE

“I almost couldn’t believe it’s the same boat,” says owner Martin Michael Viljoen after his 1980s 4.8-metre ski-boat Line-Breaker was refurbished by Nauti-Tech Suzuki. “The whole electrical system is redone and the new power steering means it turns on a dime. The new stainless-steel and paintwork is just spectacular and they completely redid the finish. So Line-Breaker now looks like a sleek new modern boat.

“In fact, I’m still getting to know it. It’s definitely just like getting a new boat.”

And, although Michael notes that having a boat refurbished is quite stressful and challenging (you need a really clear idea of what you want), he feels it was worthwhile for him transporting Line-Breaker from his Langebaan home all the way up to Port Elizabeth for the refurb.

Line-Breaker Newly Refurbished Boat by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


“You’d be surprised that there aren’t really that many guys in South Africa that can effectively manage such an intensive and high-quality boat refurbishment,” Michael says. Which rings true, because Line-Breaker was built in the 80s. So it’s almost 40 years old. A pretty intensive refurb.

“There’s only one guy that I’d trust with this kind of refurb in Cape Town, near where I stay in Langebaan. But you can imagine just how busy and fully booked he is. So it made sense to me to take Line-Breaker up to Nauti-Tech Suzuki in PE because they have the right people and the skills to manage such an intensive refurb job the right way.

“Warren and Joey are able to manage the work but they also know all the right people in the boating industry. The guy who does the paintwork for them is very good, and their stainless steel is just impeccable. I suppose one benefit they have up in PE is that all the best suppliers are really close to each other, so they help to make the job cost effective too.”

Line-Breaker Newly Refurbished Boat by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Michael had bought Line-Breaker secondhand from a neighbour in Langebaan in 2017. He prefers it to the larger 19 footer he used to have because it makes more sense for estuary fishing (which Michael prefers) and the lower sides make it easier for his daughter to fish with the family over the sides of the boat.

Being a 1980s model powered cat ski-boat, there was quite a bit of wear and tear and outdated systems on the boat. It didn’t even have power steering. So the refurb was total. Complete finish, systems, motors, steering, pumps, pipes – even the scuppers were replaced. As well as paintwork and new stainless steel.

“I don’t think there’s even a single bolt left from the original,” Michael comments.


Posted by Enrico Snyders on Monday, 13 May 2019

Posted by Enrico Snyders on Sunday, 12 May 2019



Apart from the fact that Michael trusted Nauti-Tech Suzuki’s ability, quality assurance and industry contacts, he says he enjoyed that the team were very open to him about the project and what is required. And they allowed him to work within his own budget.

“Refurbishing a boat is also a very costly thing,” he says, “and Nauti-Tech Suzuki allowed me to break the cost up into manageable, bite-sized chunks. I could have work done as and when the budget became available. So, although the refurb could take maybe a whole season, it made financial sense for me too.”

Line-Breaker Newly Refurbished Boat by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


All in all, Michael is very happy with the refurb of Line-Breaker. And, when we last spoke to him, he’d already taken it inshore and out onto the estuaries and bagged a few cobs and bronze beamer.

“Next, we’re going to take Line-Breaker out to go fishing in the deep. I’m thinking of going after some yellowtail. I’ll let you know how she goes,” he concludes.

Line-Breaker Newly Refurbished Boat by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Circa 1980 4.8-metre powered catamaran, ski-boat
Refurb: May 2019 by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

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