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Welcome C2U Marine to the Nauti-Tech Suzuki Family

Now over 100 years’ combined experience in outboards. C2U Marine has officially closed and Levi Barnard moved over to Nauti-Tech Suzuki as of 1 November 2018

Vast experience in smaller, more speciality and riverboat outboards and boat engines. Now over 100 years’ combined mechanical experience in boat engines of all sizes. C2U Marine in Port Elizabeth has closed as of end October 2018. But former C2U owner Levi Barnard has joined Nauti-Tech Suzuki, adding to over a century of combined mechanical experience in outboard motors.



“It’s an exciting time for us,” says Joey Lee of Nauti-Tech Suzuki. “Being one of the biggest Suzuki sales, fitment and service centres in Africa, people generally assume we only deal in the larger and offshore boats.

“But we actually work with all sizes and shapes of boats and boat engines. And Levi Barnard of C2U Marine’s experience in speciality motors, now joining us at Nauti-Tech Suzuki, just helps drive that point home. Nauti-Tech Suzuki now has over 100 years’ combined experience in outboard motors of every size.”

Suzuki DF60 Outboard


“I’m very excited about joining Nauti-Tech Suzuki,” says Levi Barnard of the former C2U Marine in Port Elizabeth. “Nauti-Tech Suzuki has a strong supportive team, enabling more commitment, faster turnaround and exceptional customer service.

“I want everyone one to know that you can get ready for summer with all your outboard fitment, repairs and services met by the dedicated Nauti-Tech Suzuki team.”

New Suzuki Outboard Motors New Boat Engines Suzuki DF150 ATX by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Nauti-Tech Suzuki is the second-largest Suzuki Marine centre on the African continent. It’s also an award-winning Suzuki fitment, sales and service centre. And you might have noticed that we have some new signage up:

C2U Marine merged with Nauti-Tech Suzuki outboard motor specialists South Africa, boat engines fitment, service and repair

If you haven’t been around in a while, come in and have a look at the new workshop. You might also have noticed some new signage going up at local PE angling club PEDSAC:

Nauti-Tech Suzuki signage at PEDSAC angling club in Port Elizabeth


“It’s all part of our strategy for the future. We want to service more boat types and deliver our expertise to even more customers. Because we believe in enabling and empowering people and businesses to chase  their own goals. There’s no better feeling in life than that,” says Joey.

Suzuki Outboard Motors By Nauti-Tech Suzuki


C2U Marine has officially closed. Levi Barnard, formerly of C2U Marine, has now joined Nauti-Tech Suzuki, operating from the Nauti-Tech Suzuki premises:

48 Brickmakers Kloof Road, Port Elizabeth
+27 (0)41 585 1481

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