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BIG NEWS: The Only Place in The World You Can Buy New El Shaddai and Flamingo Boats

Exclusive: Nauti-Tech Suzuki is the official new home of Flamingo cabin cruisers and all new El Shaddai Marine boats

A legacy SA boat brand. The big name in local cabin cruisers. And one of the largest Suzuki dealerships in Africa. In July 2019, El Shaddai Marine announced that the new home of all newly-built El Shaddai Marine boats, including the brand’s famous Flamingo cabin boats, is now exclusively Nauti-Tech Suzuki in Port Elizabeth.

“That means that all new orders of Flamingo cabins and our El Shaddai hulls, for anywhere in South Africa, will go through Nauti-Tech Suzuki,” says Henre Smith of El Shaddai Marine when the boat company recently relocated from George to Port Elizabeth.


“I think many of us grew up knowing or having been around El Shaddai Marine’s boats”, says Nauti-Tech Suzuki’s Warren Rachman. “They’ve been building quality river, estuary and marine boats for decades. Especially with the famous Flamingo cabin, which I think they’ve produced for the last 30 years.”

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“We’re excited to be the exclusive distributor for El Shaddai and the Flamingo cabin cruiser and Survivor boat ranges. It’s an honour for Nauti-Tech Suzuki and a definite boon for Suzuki Marine South Africa as a whole.”


According to Henre, partnering with Nauti-Tech Suzuki just makes sense to El Shaddai. As Nauti-Tech Suzuki has built up a very good reputation over the years and they’ve recently expanded to include a whole lot of new boat brands for sale from their showroom. 

But most of all it’s the fact that Nauti-Tech Suzuki has a full marine workshop, so over-and-above being a Suzuki Marine retail and fitment centre, they also do repair and maintenance on all boating brands, as well as fault-finding, spares, boat repowers and boat refurbishment as well as all fitment and boating tech.

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“For starters, there are four models available. Three Flamingo cabin cruisers and a 5.5-metre centre console Survivor,” says Henre.





An ultra-luxe 21-foot Flamingo cabin cruiser with a large cabin, deck shower, padded tanning deck standard and optional extras including raised cabin bed, fridge-freezer, TV and a full braai on the deck. See more images, specs and all the info on the special Suzuki-powered new Flamingo 216.

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An exhilarating 18-foot Flamingo cabin boat with comfy padded seating and everything you need for fishing on the deck, as well as a roomy cabin below. See more images, all the specs, info and extras available on the Flamingo 180.

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Something a little different: A centre console on an El Shaddai monohull, the Survivor is an 18 foot (5.5-metre) boat built specifically for easy launch and retrieval. Weighing only 500kg, it’s ideal for fishing river, estuary or even inshore. See more pics, all the specs and info on the Survivor 550.

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A compact 17-foot Flamingo cabin cruiser that packs a lot of value into a small and versatile package. Made with full cabin below deck, padded seating and space for 5 people, with all the fishing basics, it’s also very light and easy to launch. See more images and get all the specs and info on the Flamingo 170.

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These boats are now exclusively available through Nauti-Tech Suzuki. So, if you want any more information or a quote, feel free to contact us.

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Check out the first-ever new Nauti-Tech Suzuki Flamingo Cabin Cruiser, Dream Catcher.

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