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UPDATE: Here’s How You Can Fish This Year’s Indian Ocean Marlin Cup

It’s a rollover: Even bigger prize money at this international comp you can fish from your own backyard: Marlin caught anywhere in the Indian Ocean qualify – here’s how to enter the 2nd Indian Ocean Marlin Cup today

All marlin over 500 pounds (around 230kg). An international competition you can fish right from your own backyard. And big cash prizes to be won. The second Indian Ocean Marlin Cup is taking place 29 February 2020, but hurry: entries close on 26 February. The prize money from last year has rolled over, so there’s even more at stake. And here’s how you can be a part of it.


This is the second edition of a new Indian-Ocean-wide annual competition. Hosted by Fly Navarro’s FlyZone Fishing and the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club this February and March 2020. The idea is that you can enter and then fish anywhere in the Indian Ocean (maps and limits below), against teams from all over – Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand, Mozambique, Kenya, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania.

 Enter the First-Ever Indian Ocean Marlin Cup, coverage by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

“We at the Seychelles Sport Fishing Club as a team have a vision of showing the world how good the fishing is in the Indian Ocean, and how best to share it with everyone,” says organiser Robert ‘Fly’ Navarro. And that’s exactly what the Indian Ocean Marlin Cup is: a celebration of fishing in the Indian Ocean for everyone to share.


This year’s Indian Ocean Marlin Cup takes place 29 February 2020. It’s hosted officially in Seychelles, but – get this – you don’t need to physically go there to take part.

Any team can enter, and then fish anywhere within the limits of the Indian Ocean. That’s anywhere along SA’s east coast, all the way down to Cape Agulhas. If you hook a marlin over 500 pounds, radio it in and capture footage of the catch and release, your fish qualifies for the competition. And there’s the main competition, plus: a bonus big marlin contest, both with their own entry fees and prizes.

 Enter the First-Ever Indian Ocean Marlin Cup, coverage by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


The Indian Ocean triangle limits for the Indian Ocean Marlin Cup 2020 are:

  • South Africa: Cape Agulhas, South Africa – East of the 20º East Longitude Line
  • North Australia: Darwin, Australia – West of the 130º 50’ East Longitude Line
  • South Australia: Southern Tip of Tasmania – West of the 146º 50’ East Longitude Line
  • Arabian Gulf & Red Sea: South of the 30º North Latitude line

Catch a qualifying marlin anywhere in this triangle, and you’re in business.

Enter the First-Ever Indian Ocean Marlin Cup, coverage by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Apart from being Indian-Ocean-wide, allowing you to fish from your own country, only marlin over 500 pounds (230kg) will qualify. And there’s the main comp, with entry fees of $3 000 US, where you can win the total of all entry monies (minus 20%), plus a bonus Big Marlin Challenge, with entry fee $5 000 US, where you can also win total of all entry monies (minus 20%).

And, though it might seem like a logistical challenge hosting an Ocean-wide comp, the organisers have a solid strategy for sharing info. “With technological advances in social media, it’s become easier to reach people. We’ve found that fishermen from competing islands want to share their pictures and stories with us, so everyone can follow us on the @flyzonefishing Instagram and Facebook and see all the action”, Navarro says.

“Plus, we’ll be doing live tournament updates via Facebook live every 2–3 hours during the competition, so everyone can feel like they’re part of the action.”

Enter the First-Ever Indian Ocean Marlin Cup, coverage by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


The comp will be fished under IGFA rules, and they promote catch and release. Standard 100 pound lines can be used, or any IGFA-class lines up to 130 pounds. Click here to download all the tournament rules.

Enter the First-Ever Indian Ocean Marlin Cup, coverage by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Contact Fly Navarro via email at, or just download this registration form, complete it and send it back to  

For more info, phone or Whatsapp +1 561 310 9214.

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See you there!

Indian Ocean Cup Syechelles, fishing competition March, by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


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