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Here’s What’s Inside Our All-New Suzuki Full Package Outboards

Gauges, props, caps and accessories – you can get the all-in-one kits with Suzuki Full Package Outboards. PLUS: How to finance your next boat, easy-peasy


July 2022

Caps, keyrings, and 100% Suzuki guaranteed rigging. You can now get all the accessories for your outboard, plus a few awesome extras in the all-new Suzuki Full Package Outboard kit – here’s what’s inside it…

New Suzuki Full Package Outboards

From July 2022, we’re offering you the option of a new, complete, all-in-one deal. When you buy a new outboard, we’ll quote you on the new Suzuki Full Package, which includes every rigging accessory designed for your outboard – so you don’t have to order them separately, or risk your boat not working because of faulty equipment.

It’s our way of ensuring that, when you buy a new Suzuki outboard, you can hook it up and take it fishing immediately after the installation. No hiccups, no delays.

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What’s inside the new Suzuki full Package Deal?

It’s different for every outboard – they all have different control and driving mechanisms, etc. (the stuff that makes them work). But, in general, the Suzuki Full Package deal includes:

  • Your new Suzuki outboard(s)
  • Multi-function gauge kit(s)
  • Stainless-steel propellor(s)
  • Binnacle control box
  • Main switch panel
  • All sensors, wires and cables
  • Ecstar outboard oil
  • Exclusive Suzuki accessories – caps, floatable keyrings, stickers etc.

And you get it all for a single price. One order, one install and you’re good to go.

How to get the Full Package Outboard

You can just pick the Suzuki outboard you want, and place your order with us – phone 041 585 1481, email or contact us here.

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What can you use the Suzuki Full Package for?

It’s available on any new Suzuki outboards, so you can use it when:

And, if you’re looking to refurb a second-hand boat, you can even use it to repower a used boat, too – permitted you repower with a new Suzuki outboard.

PLUS: How to Get it all on Credit

The best part? You don’t need to have ready cash to buy your next new outboard. You can get it on credit right now. And w can help you do it with our all-new boat finance.

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