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New: Check Out All The Boats We’ve Launched

Plus: 13 New boats for sale right now, second-hand boats, new and used outboards – and the ultimate overview of boats and launches in SA

Our favourite new boats and launches (WATCH). Awesome boat repowers and refurbs. Plus: Your choice of 13 custom new boats for sale, owner feedback and reviews and all the outboards you can handle. This is our ultimate overview of boats in South Africa.

There’s nothing quite like a new boat launch, so we’ve compiled all of our favourites right here, with pics and vids and owner interviews, reviews, outboard info – the works. But we also show you all our boat refurbs and the repowers, plus all the boats (new and second hand) you can buy today. Enjoy: 





“It runs so smoothly – we’re very impressed by the performance. Which says a lot, because it’s my first CarryCat, and my father in law is a big fan of the other big cat brand in SA. But we’re both very impressed,” says Bertie Swart after his first test of his new boat for fishing charters in Struisbaai, the 2019 CarryCat 830 Ocean Charters. 

Ocean Charters water test: 2 x Suzuki DF150s on a CarryCat 830

Built to chase down game fish. Check out the water test on new CarryCat 830, Ocean Charters. What do you think? Powered by 2 x Suzuki DF150s, she's going to be running awesome game fish adventures down in Struisbaai soon. #GetNautiCheck out the CarryCat 830: and get it for less: Also discover the awesome new Suzuki DF150s:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Thursday, 21 November 2019

Boat: CarryCat 830
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF150



Plenty of power. Bred for competitions. And bigger than you’ve ever seen. Jan Hendrik Hattingh recently popped the champagne on the maiden voyage of his new CarryCat 900. Powered by two Suzuki DF250s, and specifically made to make an impact in the end-2019/2020 competitive fishing scene. 

carry, cat, carrycat, 900, carry on, new, boat, 900, jan, hendrik, hattingh, kalahari, 9 metre, fishing, tuna, custom, built, suzuki, df250

“She’s got plenty of power,” Jan Hendrik says. “My dad was a commercial fisherman for many years, so I’ve known boats and Suzuki my whole life. And I’ll tell you now that having a 9-metre do 40 knots so easily even in bad weather is not something you see every day.” Check out Jan Hendrik’s new CarryCat 900.

Water Test: New CarryCat 900 with 2x Suzuki DF250s

Bigger is better: Ultimate tuna machine with award-winning power. We took the newly fitted CarryCat 900 with 2x Suzuki DF250s out for her water test. Would you believe this size boat topped at 40 knots without braking a sweat?That's our #LadyBoss with awesome #SuzukiShare tee checking up to see the guys did a good job fitting the beast. What do you think about the 250's performance? #ReleaseTheBeast #GetNautiMore on the CarryCat 900 here: and the Suzuki DF250 here:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 28 October 2019

Boat: CarryCat 900
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF250



Another beautiful powered cat ski-boat. Avadri’s name and design had everyone talking on social media. She was one of the first CarryCats to be rigged at our workshop in PE.

And powered by two Suzuki DF140s, this sleek new CarryCat 760 runs like a dream:

New CarryCat 760 Avadri Water Test

A large gear ratio and offset drive shaft for more power and speed. With clever tech for saving fuel too. It was blowing a gale but we took new CarryCat 760 Avadri out for a water test. What do you think? Those are two new Suzuki DF140s. So much fun. #GetNauti

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 23 September 2019

Boat: CarryCat 760
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF140



Excellent handling. Fishing or watersports. And the joy of overnight family fishing trips. This is the first-ever new Flamingo 180 cabin cruiser by Nauti-Tech Suzuki after we became the sole distributor of legacy boat brand Flamingo cabin cruisers. “I’m impressed in terms of stability. You know, this is the first time I can trim the motor right down all the way to the bottom and still feel comfortable and in control,” says new owner Dr Pillay. See the pics, all the feedback and find out who’s the surprise champion angler on the new Dream Catcher.

dream, catcher, new, boat, flamingo, 180, cabin cruiser, custom, built, 5 metre, cabin, fishing, dr, pillayBoat: Flamingo 180
Power: Suzuki DF100



Superb layout, excellent ride even in rougher seas, and still safe and comfortable enough to take the family out fishing. “I’d say the best part of it is that it’s custom-made, so the layout is exactly the way I want it,” says Robin Vermaak of his new CarryCat 760.

carrycat, 760, carry, cat, fishing, boat, for sale, 7 metre, custom, built, new, cabin, centre, console, features, optional, extras, buy, purchase

“You can easily have about six guys on board, and there’s room enough for everyone for jigging and fishing all around the boat, which is ideal for fighting tuna or going after marlin.” See all the awesome pics, specs, comments and feedback from Robin’s first fishing comps on the all-new Piromero.

piromero, new, boat, carrycat, 760, carry, cat, tuna, game, fish, 7 metre, custom, built, fishing, robin vermaakBoat: CarryCat 760
Power: 2x Suzuki DF140



Super easy to control, ultra versatile and totally built to be a rocket. Seadation is a 6.7-metre ski-boat with two Suzuki DF140s – so powerful the owner hasn’t tried opening it up full bore yet. “Oh it’s got power, just so that I have some reserve. But the best part must be its stability. I think CarryCat just got their tunnel height formula spot on because it’s an incredibly comfortable ride and it’s also very forgiving,” says owner Phillip Erasmus. See all the pics, comments, vids and the full story on new CarryCat 670 Seadation.

seadation, carrycat, 670, carry, cat, fishing, boat, for sale, 6.7 metre, 6 metre, custom, built, new, cabin, centre, console, features, optional, extras, buy, purchaseBoat: CarryCat 670
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF140



More than a boat, she’s also one to make history! For the first time ever, the municipality of Port Elizabeth granted a license to run shark cage diving tours in Algoa Bay. And this cat, named My China and powered by Suzuki, is the vessel who’s doing them. “We’re so impressed with the boat, it’s such a step forward that allows us to do something that’s never been done in PE waters before,” says Lloyd Edwards, owner-operator of Raggy Charters who recently secured the first-ever license to run shark cage diving in Port Elizabeth.

PE's first Shark Cage Diving Tours mew boat by Nauti-Tech SuzukiBoat: 9-Metre cat ski-boat
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF250

Plus: Did you know you can now buy all your boat gear online?

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Beautiful new sound, look and the performance to match. “You have to love the performance on these Suzuki four strokes, they’ve just got a bit more grunt in them.” says Charles Wright aftre we recently repowered his 5.5-metre cat with 2x new Suzuki DF100s. Watch the vid and get the full story on the newly repowered Jubal.

jubal, boat, repower, ace cat, 555, new, suzuki, DF100, 100hp, outboard, motors, hydraulic steering, charles, wrightBoat: 5.5-metre cat
Power 2 x Suzuki DF100



Lightest in it’s class. Huge on performance. With loads of extras.Everyone loved this vid of the new Suzuki DF70s we fitted to this 19-foot monohul Explorer.

2 x Suzuki DF70s fitted to 19ft Explorer

Lightest in it's class. Huge on performance. With loads of extras. Check out the Suzuki DF70s fitted to a 19-foot (5.8m) Explorer. We'll tell you more about this awesome repower soon. #GetNautiFor now, check out the award-winning Suzuki DF70:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Boat: 19ft (5.7 metre) Explorer
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF70



Super manouverable with loads of extra forward thrust. See what happens when we fit 2 x Suzuki DF60 on a 5-metre cat.

Super manoeuverable and that extra bit of forward thrust from the enlarged prop. We tested this pair of Suzuki DF60s on a 5-metre cat. Satisfying performance. What do you think? More on the DF60 here: #GetNauti

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Saturday, 6 July 2019

Boat: 5-metre cat
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF60



Better performance, less fuel and faster service. “I can now run at 1000rpm and get to the same speed I’d normally have to up to higher revs for. The boat definitely uses less fuel now. And the configuration is just fantastic,” says Dr Emile Coetzee after testing the new motors on his 5.7-metre powered cat. See the full story on the repower of Zee Koets.

zee koets, performance, repower, outboards, boat, suzuki, df80Boat: 5.7-metre cat
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF80



Hard-working, super powerful. “The new outboards are just awesome, the boat’s got more life now, so much more oomph,” says Koos Smith, skipper of SAIAB’s 13-metre marine research vessel we repowered with two new Suzuki DF325s. See the vids and get the full update on uKwabelana.

Ukwabelana SAIAB Research Boat Outboard Repower Suzuki DF325 by Nauti-Tech SuzukiBoat: 13-metre cat
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF325



Super fast, loads of fun. Everyone loved this video of us testing the 2 x new Suzuki DF80s on this small but super aghile 5-metre monohul from Indigo Boats. 

Exhilirating: Watch us test the new DF80 on this 5-metre boat

What a ride! Check out the fun we had testing the new Suzuki DF80 fitted to this super-slick and fast 5-metre river, estuary, bay and harbour runaround. Anybody recognise that boat brand? Discover a few award-winning Suzuki outboards here: #GetNauti

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 27 May 2019

Boat: 5-metre Indigo
Power: 2 x Suzuki DF80





Now, the original CarryCat 740 Lily was very famous – everyone knew her from competitions from Cape Town to PE. But recently, she was sold, and new owner Cecil Bodenstein wanted a couple of cosmetic changes done. Including the name change to Simbiri. This is her just before she went off to Mozambique.

Boat: CarryCat 740



Running awesome fishing charters down in Langebaan. “The whole electrical system is redone and the new power steering means it turns on a dime. The new stainless-steel and paintwork is just spectacular and they completely redid the finish. It’s definitely just like getting a new boat,” says owner Martin-Michael Viljoen. Check out the before and afters, plus all the info on the recent refurb Line Breaker.

Line-Breaker Newly Refurbished Boat by Nauti-Tech SuzukiBoat: 5-metre cat



So many different styles of boats: From powerful tuna machines to super game fish cat ski-boats, a legacy SA cabin cruiser brand to exciting little bass boats and river boats. Check out all our new boats.

carry, cat, carrycat, 1000, boat, new, ski, for sale



Small but with a lot of personality. Bandits are river boats that easily convert into bass boats. And you can order yours through us – they usually come un-powered with trailer and all the extras for around R100k. Check out the Bandit in action with Suzuki:

Awesome river action: Bandit 410 X Suzuki DF40

Fast, versatile and economical – boat with trailer under R100k, just add your choice of motor. You asked for it: Some felt strapping a 60hp to the Bandit 410 was a bit overpowered. So our friends at Jamieson put together this awesome vid of the Bandit with a much more sensible (but still so much fun!) Suzuki DF40 – the 2011 NMMA Innovation Award winner.Featured here: Bandit 410: and the Suzuki DF40: You can order both directly from us and #GetNauti

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Thursday, 25 July 2019



PLUS: Don’t have the ready cash? No problem, we can help you get it funded with our all-new boat finance!

Also, learn exactly what’s done during a boat service.


Discover the all-new leisure-or-business CarryCat Explorer 560 Pontoon Boat.

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We change them all the time – as they come and go. But we often have exciting like-new boats and outboards for sale, and you can check them out under our second hand boats.

used, boats, second hand, boat engines, outboards, for sale, south africa, gauteng, cape town, pretoria, langebaan, eastern cape



Now, we’re reluctant to just label anything “the best”, but if you consider that Suzuki is the ultimate in fuel-efficient performance, it just makes sense. Suzuki outboards come with Lean Burn and a whole of other tech that balances performance with your boat’s fuel economy.

Suzuki is the most awarded outboards manufacturer – check out the impressive list of award-winning suzuki motors. And it’s good value, Suzukis double as trolling motors. Plus performance: Check out the newly launched DF200 SS and the all-new Suzuki DF140BG!

You know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for among our Suzuki outboards.

new, suzuki, outboards, red, sport, df200, as, astl, ss, series, df200as, 200, df150, atx, atl, azx, for sale, dealers, price, review, big block, water, grip, prop, propeller



Top competitive anglers share with us their fishing tips and the lowdown on fishing in lockdown.

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Legend also has it that most boats run better under Suzuki power. Discover it for yourself among these Suzuki outboards.

Suzuki DF325 325hp outboard boat engine by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


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