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New Boat: Check out Jan Hendrik’s All-New Carry On 2

Here’s what Jan Hendrik Hattingh loves best about his brand-new Carry On 2 with two powerful Suzuki DF250s

You might remember towards the end of 2019, we featured Jan Hendrik Hattingh’s awesome new CarryCat 900 (without a name at the time). He wanted to test it on the tuna circuit a bit, so CarryCat let him take it out a little before full completion. But now it’s finished, so take a look at Carry On 2.


Plenty of power. Bred for competitions. And bigger than you’ve ever seen. Jan Hendrik Hattingh recently popped the champagne on the maiden voyage of his new CarryCat 900. Powered by two Suzuki DF250s, and specifically made to make an impact in the end-2019/2020 competitive fishing scene, she’s a big 9-metre lady that’s bred for catching tuna.

Here’s what Jan Hendrik had to say about his new CarryCat:


“She’s got plenty of power,” Jan Hendrik says. “My dad was a commercial fisherman for many years, so I’ve known boats and Suzuki my whole life. And I’ll tell you now that having a 9-metre do 40 knots so easily even in bad weather is not something you see every day.”

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And, of course, he’s referring to the first water tests, where the ocean was a bit rough, but his new CarryCat 900 took it all in her stride.


Water Test: New CarryCat 900 with 2x Suzuki DF250s

Bigger is better: Ultimate tuna machine with award-winning power. We took the newly fitted CarryCat 900 with 2x Suzuki DF250s out for her water test. Would you believe this size boat topped at 40 knots without braking a sweat?That's our #LadyBoss with awesome #SuzukiShare tee checking up to see the guys did a good job fitting the beast. What do you think about the 250's performance? #ReleaseTheBeast #GetNautiMore on the CarryCat 900 here: and the Suzuki DF250 here:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 28 October 2019


“Now, I’ve owned everything from T Craft to all different types of powered cats, and I had a slightly smaller CarryCat before, but I’m very happy with the CarryCat 900,” says Jan Hendrik.

And he should be, because shortly after we spoke to him, Jan Hendrik and his CarryCat 900 went on produce the second-biggest yellowfin on Day 1 of the two oceans tuna derby in Cape Town in November 2019. Ultimately, team CarryCat 900 took fourth place overall in the tournament – not bad for your first day out of the blocks.


CarryCat 900 Warm-Up for Tuna Derby

Bigger. More powerful. And so much fun. Check out this vid of Jan Hendrik's new CarryCat 900, powered by 2 x Suzuki DF250s, warming up at an easy 22 knots for the Tuna Derby in Cape Town last week. The comp kicked off at Atlantic Boat Club yesterday – and CarryCat 900 already produced the 2nd heaviest fish for day 1 (72kg yellowfin). #GetNauti #ReleaseTheBeastDiscover the CarryCat 900 here: and more info on the Two Oceans Tuna Derby here:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 4 November 2019


Next up, the CarryCat 900 will appear in next year’s big offshore classic in Gordon’s Bay. “And it’s actually for these two competitions that I took the CarryCat a little before the boys could finish everything they wanted to do on her,” Jan Hendrik says.

“You have to understand that these guys are actually incredibly focused on the quality of their products. But I wanted to fish these comps, so they agreed to get her up to a workable point for me, and we keep the name CarryCat 900 on it for the comps.

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“And then, after the offshore classic, she’s going back to the workshop for a little bit of fine-tuning. That’s when she’ll get her new name: After March next year, she’ll be called Carry On 2.”


In case you didn’t see it on social media, the new CarryCat 900 is an upgrade, with an increased beam of 3.5 metres. Don’t know about you, but we haven’t seen a ski-boat that generously sized before. In fact, when it first arrived at our workshop for fitment, it dwarfed all the other boats.

And, you won’t believe it, she was so wide she couldn’t fit through our workshop doors. We actually had to remove bricks to widen our entry to get her to fit. And we captured the whole fitment process in this photo album:

See all the specs, pics and features on the CarryCat 900. And, get yours at a special price + cashback if you order now as part of our new boat special.


A big boat needs big power, and that’s why Jan Hendrik went for two Suzuki DF250s. “Now, I knew Suzuki is the way to go, but to give you an idea: I’ve had smaller boats before with smaller outboards of a different brand, and this big 900 with the two 250s gives me amazing fuel consumption in comparison.

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“You really can’t beat the Suzuki for performance that’s also light on fuel.”


PDI on Suzuki DF250

The first 250 to produce 184kW. The first to introduce variable valve timing. And a top outboard award winner. Watch: PDI on two Suzuki DF250s to power a huge new CarryCat 900 before water tests. What do you think? More vids to come! #GetNautiDiscover the Suzuki DF250 here:

Posted by Nauti-Tech Suzuki on Monday, 28 October 2019


Get all the specs, pics and info of the Suzuki DF250.


“But the big difference for me in dealing with CaryCat and Nauti-Tech Suzuki, as opposed to the other guys, is the service you get.

“You know that they approached me? Yes, I had a smaller CarryCat, and they said they wanted me to experience the new, bigger and better CarryCat. And I wanted a bigger boat. So we looked at what I could get for trading in my current boat for the new model.

“And they came back with a deal that was just a no-brainer. I got the new, bigger boat, with awesome power and it makes perfect financial sense, too. You can’t beat that for service,” Jan Hendrik concludes.

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  • Length: 9 metre (29.5 foot)
  • Beam: 3.5m
  • Weight: 3 ton
  • Power: 2 x Suzuki DF250s

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