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New Suzuki Outboards: Red and Fast DF200 ASTL Latest in the SS Series

First look at the new Suzuki DF200 ASTL, plus: recap of the 3 latest Suzuki DF150s

Faster acceleration. More speed. And ultimate Suzuki red graphics. The new Suzuki DF200ASTL is here! And (WATCH) what a beauty. We bring you all the info on this new member of the sporty Suzuki SS Series, plus: we recap on all three new Suzuki DF150s launched earlier this year.

Note: In July 2020, we also launched the brand new Suzuki DF140BG!


On 7 November 2019, Suzuki Marine South Africa announced the arrival of an all-new member of Suzuki’s premium sport outboard range, the SS Series – known by their telltale red graphics on the usual black and motors that are souped-up for increased performance.

Welcome to our new family member! Suzuki is bringing a new level of excitement to the water with a new addition to the…

Posted by Suzuki Marine South Africa on Wednesday, 6 November 2019


New to the SS Series in South Africa is the new Suzuki DF200ASTL – or, as some people are already calling it, the 200 SS. And, we couldn’t find a local SA video, but here’s an international one showing off the awesome sporty mate black and cowling graphics design of this new outboard series:




The main difference between the standard DF200 and the 200 SS is the hydrodynamic design of the gear case on the DF200 ASTL. It’s similar to what Suzuki did with the new DF300, where the gear case on the 200 SS itself now reduces drag as the lower unit moves through the water – which is what enables the new prop and souped-up engine to really boost acceleration and top speed to new levels.

It also features the all-new Water Grip Sport propeller, a high-rake-blade prop that gives you more thrust power in the water, especially while turning, giving you faster acceleration, more manoeuvrability and a top-speed you’re going to want to test for yourself.

Suzuki is happy to announce the release of a new member to the Suzuki marine product family: the “WATERGRIP SPORT”…

Posted by Suzuki Marine South Africa on Tuesday, 22 October 2019



But, of course, those are just the fancy new toys on the outboard. The real magic is all the SS Series performance features you’ll find deep inside the motor.

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Like all outboards in the SS Series, the new Suzuki DF200ASTL uses Suzuki’s high-performance “Big Block” displacement with an offset driveshaft layout, 2-stage gear reduction and multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection for powerful and exhilarating mid-range performance – while still being quite fuel-efficient.

The engine is redesigned: It’s still an inline 4-cylinder motor, but with dual overhead cams and powerful 10.2-to-1 compression ratio for superior throttle response. And that multi-stage sequential fuel injection combines nicely with its variable valve timing to give you power, torque and top-end speed you need to experience for yourself.

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It’s being delivered soon, and you can pre-order yours right now!


Plus: Did you know you can now buy all your boat gear online?


Three more affordable and powerful 150hp-variant new Suzuki outboard motors are now available in South Africa. The all-new Suzuki DF150A series is an attractive new alternative to the existing Suzuki DF150AP because they’re 7% more fuel-efficient, deliver over 3% more power and offer mechanical control options, which makes them more affordable.

Here’s what you should know.

New Suzuki Outboard Motors New Boat Engines Suzuki DF150 ATL by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


It’s not every day you get a leaner, faster engine for less money. But that’s exactly what the new DF150 A series delivers. A higher compression ratio means the new DF150 A has a higher top speed and accelerates faster than the existing DF150 AP.

The DF150 ATL is the standard long version of the new DF150 A series. You can contact us for more info or order your new Suzuki DF150 ATL today.


New Suzuki Outboard Motors New Boat Engines Suzuki DF150 ATX by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Featuring the largest gear reduction ratio in its class, you’ll enjoy 7% better fuel consumption than the existing Suzuki DF150 T, as well as over 3% more torque and performance.

The DF150 ATX is the extra-long version of the new DF150 A series. You can contact us for more info or order your new Suzuki DF150 ATX today.


New Suzuki Outboard Motors New Boat Engines Suzuki DF150 AZX by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


Featuring multi-stage induction, which boosts air intake at higher rpm, means you get better acceleration, torque and output. The DF 150 AZX is an ultra-long variant with specialised prop figuration and some extras and you can order it today.


New Suzuki Outboard Motors DF150A Boat Engines by Nauti-Tech Suzuki


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Suzuki Variable Valve Timing Technology, fuel economy, by Nauti-TEch


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