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All The Big Fishing Competitions in May

From the SADSAA tuna nationals to interclubs from Shelly Beach to Zululand. These are all the big fishing tournaments happening in May 2019

The 2019 SADSAA Tuna Nationals stays in the Western Cape, and then it’s onto a host of exciting tournaments in KZN, Zululand, Cape Town and PE. These are the big fishing competitions happening in SA in May 2019.


3–4 MAY 2019

An exclusive game fish competition hosted by the Marlin Ski-Boat Club. There are only 60 spots for anglers, with a max team size of 5 anglers and a skipper. Discover the Game Fish Classic.

Marlin Ski Boat Club Game Fish Classic in Port Edward for May Fishing Competitions by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

Marlin Ski-Boat Club | North Sand Bluff, Port Edward | 039 311 2811 |



6–11 MAY 2019

The South African Deep Sea Angling Associations’ annual Tuna Nationals are happening at the Atlantic Boat Club in Hout Bay – a great spot, looking at the results of the recent Tuna Masters 2019 there. It’s usually a lot of fun watching the pros at work, because, unlike commercial comps where they cna fish with any line, at these national comps the guys are normally limited to 10kg lines. Discover the 2019 SADSAA Tuna Nationals.

Atlantic Boat Club Hout Bay for SADSAA Tuna Nationals Fishign Comeptition in May by Naut-Tech Suzuki

Atlantic Boat Club | Hout Bay | +27 83 4603963 |



11–12 MAY 2019

Various clubs from around South Africa head down to Shelly Beach in KZN for the two-day interclub competition. It’s an interesting one, as last year most of the fish caught at this time was tuna. And the defending champs are down the road form Umkomaas. Let’s see what happens at this year’s Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Club Interclub Tournament.

Shelly Beach Interclub at Ski Boat Club for Fishing Competitions May by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

Albert Meyer Dr, Shelly Beach, Margate | 039 315 1476 |



12 MAY 2019

It’s all about passing on the knowledge and honing the skill in the next generation of anglers at Durban Ski Boat Club’s Juniors Day.

Juniors Day at Durban Ski Boat Club for Fishing Competitions in May by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

Durban Ski Boat Club | 1 Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Durban | 031 337 9506 |



17–19 MAY 2019

Meerensee Ski-Boat Club welcomes a host of anglers of almost every discipline for three days this month. It’s three events in one. The Meerensee Gamefish Interclub and Junior Gamefish Interclub see anglers hunting for big billfish and tuna catches. While there’s the Meerensee Bottomfish INterclub competition running at the same time.

Meerensee Ski Boat Club for Interclub Game Fish, Billfish and Juniors Fishing Competitions in May by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

Meerensee Boat Club | 035 788 0258 |



18–19 MAY 2019

Although it doesn’t strictly say so, this competition is traditionally a gamefish comp. Often coinciding with other KZN provincial events, the Pennington Ski Boat Interzonals sees a whole lot of teams from various clubs around the KZN compete, and there are usually quite a few anglers fishing for their provincial colours. Check out the Pennington SKi Boat Interzonals.

Pennington Ski Boat Club for Interzonal Fishing Competitions in May by nauti-Tech Suzuki

3 Salmon Dr, Pennington | 078 976 9100 |



24–26 MAY 2019

This game fish tournament challenges angler teams of max 3 crew to go after trophy-worthy fish. It’s along one of our country’s richest game fish stretches. And it’s open to entrants from all clubs. Check out the Mapelane Trophy Interclub.

Mapelane Trophy Interclub for May Fishing Competitions by Nauti-Tech SuzukiMapelane, St Lucia | 082 787 6005



24–26 MAY 2019

Despite what the name suggests, the 2019 Tuna Classic in PE is about more than just tuna. Yes, the main prizes are for tuna (min weight 15kg). But you can also win for releasing the first marlin. The biggest dorado and skipjack also win prizes. Fishing time is 6:00–17:30, and there’s a 40 nautical mile limit to how far you can go out – but you can launch from other harbours, Port St Francis, for example. Entry is open to all anglers, and it’s only R500 per person until 10 May 2019. Discover the 2019 PE Tuna Classic.

PEDSAC Ski Boat Club in PE for the Tuna Classic Fishing Competition in May by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

PEDSAC | Humewood Extention, Port Elizabeth | 041-582 2701 |



24–26 May 2019

Usually a very cool experience for the whole family. The Zinkwazi Interclub invites anglers from around the country, but the registration and prize giving days normally feature live music, dancing and good food, so this is one the whole family and enjoy together. And, if you’ve never been to this part of KZN (near the Tugela mouth between DBN and Richard’s Bay), it’s a good opportunity to come to see a clubhouse built right onto the beach (literally). Check out the Zinkwazi Interclub.

Zinkwazi Ski Boat Club for the Interclub Fishing Competition May by Nauti-Tech Suzuki

Zinkwazi SKi Boat Club | Zinkwazi Beach | 072 478 6392 |

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